Individual Therapy

Explore, on a one-on-one basis, how your lived experiences, past and present, are contributing to current issues and emotional distress. Acquire the tools, knowledge and understanding needed to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

We have experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life transitions, relationship problems, substance abuse and self esteem issues.

Couples Therapy

Conjoint sessions geared to improve relational satisfaction through increased connection, replace ineffective patterns of communication, and repair past and present conflicts.

A trained systemic therapist can assist the couple in recognize unhelpful patterns impacting the relationships and help you make careful decisions towards repairing and strengthening your relationship or making the decision to go separate ways.

Family Therapy

Collaborative sessions where family members learn to improve communication and manage conflict effectively.

EMDR Therapy

(Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

An evidenced-based, client-centered psychotherapy for the treatment of single-event trauma, complex trauma as well as various other mental health conditions. The therapist will evaluate, after completing intake and examining history, if the client is a candidate for EMDR therapy.

Telehealth Therapy

Online therapy from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or anywhere you choose. We provide video appointments with an easy and safe HIPAA Privacy compliant platform which allows us to connect with clients anywhere in the State of Florida.

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